Professional Guidance On Simple Plans For Cosmetic Acupuncture Alicante

Cosmetic Acupuncture

According to TCM theory, the facial acupoints are part of channels known as meridians, which link the surface of the body to the internal organs and other body parts. Ms Pee said: "In TCM, the body is seen as a whole and skin problems reflect disharmony within the body. Thus, skin conditions are treated by addressing not only the visible symptoms, but also the root cause of the problem." this page For example, skin pigmentation is often associated with poor qi (vital energy) and blood flow to the facial region, or deficiencies in the spleen and kidneys. Needles are therefore inserted into selected acupoints which help to promote the smooth flow of qi and blood, as well as strengthen the spleen and kidneys, said Ms Pee. She added that facial acupuncture can also help to resolve issues such as dark eye bags, acne, dull skin, wrinkles and a puffy face, as well as stimulate circulation in the area for better skin complexion. A suggested treatment plan would be 12 sessions, once or twice a week. Prices start from $68 per session at the firm's selected clinics. It also offers its facial acupuncture service at the Grand Hyatt's Damai Spa, at $158 per session. Each session lasts about half an hour, excluding consultation. Meanwhile, a facial acupuncture session costs about $100 at Raffles Chinese Medicine (RCM), the TCM arm of Raffles Medical Group, said RCM physician Ong Fang Ying.

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Alicante and Valencia bore the brunt of the Gota Fría on Sunday Alicante and Valencia bore the brunt of the Gota Fría on Sunday Up to 170 millimetres of rain in Alicante and underwatrivers on the beaches of Valencia! The Region of Murcia escaped the worst of the Gota Fría storm which formed in the south-east of Spain on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but not by much! Just a little further north on the Mediterranean coast many parts of the provinces of Alicante and Valencia were doused with up to 170 millimetres of rain, causing rivers to swell and more than doubling the amount of precipitation recorded in the last four months in the space of just 12 hours. In Alicante the worst affected areas were the higher ground inland in the Marina Alta and El Comtat, with the highest precipitation totals being recorded in Castell de Castells (170.1 mm), Benigembla (162.4 mm) and Millena (157.8). Even on the coast at Alicante-Elche airport there were 83.5 litres of rain, again doubling the amount which had accumulated since 1st October! These are very significant totals indeed, but on this occasion the Gota Fría was not as destructive as it has been on many occasions in the past, according to the data compiled by Aemet and the Valencia Meteorology Association (Avamet). Rather than falling as isolated cloudbursts, the rain fell persistently and over a wide area, and the crops in the fields, rather than being decimated, benefitted from the water, particularly in areas where irrigation has been restricted on account of the on-going drought. This was the case in the Vega Baja, where between 40 and 60 millimetres of rain fell in Orihuela, Rojales and Torrevieja. At the same time the snow which had been forecast also arrived in the Costa Blanca, although at higher altitudes than had been thought likely. Picture postcard scenes were the order of the day, for example, in the Sierra de Aitana, the Sierra de Mariola and La Serrella.

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